Before we get started, let me first mention that Shutter Medic® does not provide parts for plastic or vinyl shutters.

Although Plantation Shutters constructed of plastic or vinyl may look like traditional wood plantation shutters, they are constructed quite differently.  Wood Plantation Shutters for the most part have been constructed using the same methods for a very long time.  This makes them simple to repair, especially when using Shutter Medic® repair kits that are designed for the average homeowner in mind.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters, on the other hand, are characteristically more problematic when attempting repairs.  Upon closer inspection of a vinyl plantation shutter, you will notice that the parts used in its construction are different from those of wood shutters.  This in itself should not be a liability, however, the problem you will encounter is that in most cases these parts are unique to each manufacturer and generally not interchangeable.

The next factor that causes repair issues is that companies that manufacture Vinyl Shutters have a tendency to go out of business quite frequently.  So now there is a potential situation that your Vinyl Shutters need repair parts that are unique to a specific manufacturer that is no longer in business.  Not a good situation to be in. 

For those homeowners that inherited Vinyl Shutters with their home, identifying the manufacturer is near to impossible since they are never marked.  Let me correct that last statement.  I do know of a very large and well known manufacturer (that will go unnamed) of window treatments that did mark their Vinyl Shutters.  They are still in business but stopped making these types of shutters years ago and do not support their customers with parts.  I know this for a fact because they refer their customers to us!

Hopefully this information will help you in your decision making process when making any future purchases of Plantation Shutters.