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Shutter Magnets vs Catches

Posted by Shutter Medic on 4/4/2011
Both shutter magnets and shutter catches serve the function of keeping your shutter panels securely closed inside your shutter frame or windowShutter Magnet casing. They both serve this function well, but one or the other may be better depending on a few different factors.
The first factor that should be considered is the location of the plantation shutters.  If, for instance,  your shutter panels are to be located on a french door that gets opened regulary, then your best bet is to use shutter catches.  Catches, when adjusted properly, will prevent your shutter panels from opening when using the door.  Magnets, on the other hand, may not.  Other locations where catches are better suited are Paladian, Arched, or Elliptical windows.
Because shutter catches are a mechanical fastening system, opening and closing of shutter panels using catches can be Shutter Catcha bit herky-jerky.  For this reason, the shutter magnet is still King on standard panel configurations. 
Shutter magnets also come in a variety of configurations and strength.  Configurations are available in single or double magnets.  Double magnets are used where two panels meet and results in a cleaner look.  Different strenghts of shutter magnets are also available.  Small shutter panels may only require and 8 lb. pull whereas a large panel may require a 25 lb. pull.