The Shutter Medic ® came across a photo today which reminded him about how sometimes the latest "new and improved" way of doing something is not always true.

Take, for instance, the gentlemen in this photo. The photo, which appears to have been taken  around the mid to late 1800's, contains a plantation shutter that undoubtedly was constructed of real solid wood, not vinyl or plastic. 

The connections between the louvers and tilt rods almost certainly used a metal  shutter staple, not a plastic fitting.

The joinery between the rails and stiles were tightly made mortise and tenon joints, strong enough to not only support the weight of the shutter panel, but of any additional panels that may have been attached to it.

This high grade shutter in the photo, if maintained, could very easily be hanging in someones home today.  In fact, it is not uncommon for the Shutter Medic ® to receive calls from customers requesting repair parts for shutters that were fabricated 150 or more years ago.

In conclusion, when shopping for new Plantation Shutters, take into consideration those things that help contribute to a high grade shutter.  This will make you a more educated consumer and aid in the purchase decision when buying new Plantation Shutters.