Some customers may refer to interior wood shutters as plantation blinds. Whatever you may call interior wood shutters, there is no difference between plantation blind vs plantation shutter hinges. Shutter Medic ® stocks a large variety of plantation blind hinges in many sizes and finishes. 

When selecting replacement plantation blind hinges, the first consideration should be to match the size of your existing blind hinges. To do this, first measure the length of the hinge, then confirm the width of the shutter hinge flags. 

A question we often get concerns the location of the screw holes on a hinge. The location of the screw holes on plantation blind hinges will sometimes vary slightly. This is normally not an issue since existing screw holes in you shutter will be covered by the hinge if they do not line up exactly. While we are on the subject of screw holes, letâ€â„¢s mention that all plantation blind hinge orders come with screws that match the finish of the hinge ordered.

In conclusion, whether you call them plantation blind, or plantation shutter hinges they are one in the same.