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Louver pins are located at each end of your louvers.  They support the louver inside the shutter panel, and allow the louver to rotate.  We offer two types of louver pins which are depicted below: 
Louver Repair Pins:  are spring loaded allowing you to push the pin flush with the inside of the shutter frame.  When doing so, simply move the louver over the pin.  When it finds the hole at the end of your louver, it will pop into the hole and secure the louver in place.
Nylon Louver Pins:  are generally used for new construction.  They can however be used in conjuction with the repair pins.  When re-installing a louver into an existing panel, you can save money by using a Nylon Pin on one side of the louver, and a Repair Pin on the other.
Hidden Tilt Rod Louver Pins: are used when fabricating your shutter using a Hidden Tilt Rod.  They are only required on the side of the louver where the Hidden Tilt Rod is located.  The opposite side can utilize the Nylon Louver Pins above.

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