There are four variables when considering Plantation Shutter louver dimensions.  They are size, thickness, style, and length.louver size

Louver Size:

The size of a louver refers to the distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the louver.  Generally speaking, the shutter industry in the United States Shutter Louver Sizemanufactures plantation shutters containing louvers ranging in size from  2 ½, 3 ½, to 4 ½ inches.

Louver Thickness:

The thickness of a louver is measured at its centerline.  A flat louver will have a consistent thickness while a symmetrical louver will be thickest at its centerline.  The thickness of louvers generally ranges from ¼” up to ½ inch.

Louver Style:

The style of a plantation shutter louver refers to the shape or profile of the shutter louver.  Generally there are two different styles, flat and elliptical.  A flat louver will have an upper and lower surface that is flat.  If you were to remove the louver from the panel and place it on a flat surface it would not rock back and forth.  An elliptical or tapered louver will be thickest at the center of its size, and gradually get thinner symmetrically  towards the leading and trailing edges of the louver.

Louver Profile examples

Louver Length:

The length of a louver is measured from end to end.  There is no standard length.  Louver length will depend on a large number of variables that are taken into consideration by the manufacturer during fabrication of your shutters.   One mistake customers sometimes make is that they assume the louvers in all their shutters are the same length in all their windows.  This most often is not the case.  Plantation shutters are custom made to fit each particular window, and slight variances often occur from one window to the next.  When ordering a louver replacement kit, measure the length to the closest 16th of an inch and always round down if necessary.

Shutter Medic ® has the capability to fabricate a wide variety of louver replacement kits that cover the vast majority of existing plantation shutters.  These kits are custom made to order and are simple to install.odd_louver

We do, however, get thrown a curve ball now and then when a manufacturer decides to be unique by creating an unusually shaped louver.  The picture to the right Odd shaped louverdepicts an unusual bell shaped louver.  If you require replacement louvers in this type of case your best bet would be to contact the manufacture for replacement parts.