Plantation Shutters are a window treatment that truly are custom made to order.  Slight variances almost always occur with window casings.  These differences, although minor, do result in louver widths that may differ between plantation shutters located in the same room or dwelling, but in different windows.

It is for this reason that it is important to verify the length of each louver when ordering replacement louver kits when louvers are located in different windows or window casings.

When measuring the length of a louver you must measure to the closest 16th inch.  If you find that you are between 16th then always round down. 

Length is just one measurement we need in order to replicate and exact match for your louver replacement kit.  We also need to know the measurements of the louver profile. Louver profile is simply the shape and size of the louver when looking at it from the side down the length of the louver.  First determine the shape of the louver.  Is it flat or elliptical? A flat louver is the same thickness from leading edge to trailing edge.  An elliptical louver is thickest at the center then becomes thinner when tapering towards leading and trailing edges.

Next determine the size of the louver which is defined as the length from leading edge of louver to the trailing edge.  The last measurement to determine profile is the thickness.  A flat louver is the same thickness from leading to trailing edge.  If your louver is elliptical, the thickness should be measured at its thickest point locate at the centerline of the louver.  Some find it easier to slide a piece of paper between the louver and frame, then transfer the upper and lower surface of the louver to the paper by pencil.

Because louver replacement kits are custom made to order and not returnable, some customer do not feel comfortable performing the measurements themselves.  Some of our customers, for this reason, will send us their damaged louver(s) and place the responsibility for measuring on us.  If you do, please make sure to include some contact information along with the louver so we can get back to you once we receive it.

Damaged louver(s) may be sent to the address listed in the returns policy link at the top of the page. All customer supplied samples will be returned along with the new louver replacement kit(s).