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Vinyl Depression

Posted by Shutter Medic ® on 11/15/2010
Wood plantation shutters have been produced for hundreds of years using the same basic contruction techniques and materials.  This consistancy in production parts allowed homeowners the ability to repair shutters even though the company or individual that made them was long gone with time. 
Over the past 15 or so years some companies have marketed the traditional wood plantation shutter in materials such as vinyl.   If you were to talk to a salesman selling this product, they would undoubtedly tell you that they were far superior to wood shutters, and then go on to list the reasons.
But I degress.  This article is about depression.  So why are so many people that own vinyl shutters depressed?  Well, it all has to do with that little connection between the tilt bar, which is attached to the louvers and controls their simultaneous movement.  That little connection, over time, can and will break (Murphy's Law).  The damage can be caused by any number of reasons.  For instance, an overly aggressive maid, a wild party that gets out of hand, or most commonly the fact that UV rays from the sun have a tendancy to cause these types of parts to become brittle over time.  Whatever the reason, it is broken and now your shutters have gone from looking great to looking like  .....   (ah you fill in the blank).
If you are lucky enough, the company you purchased them from is still in business and you are able to get replacement parts.  Lets face it, if you are one of those people, you are likely not reading this blog.  For those less fortunate, the first stage of depression sets in when you realize the company you purchased them from has gone out of business.  If you inherited the shutters with your home, depression begins after looking over every square inch of the shutter and finding no identifiable markings.  It's almost as though they don't want you to know who made them. 
The final stage of depression occurs when you come to the realization that companies making these types of shutters seem to re-invent the wheel every time they go into business, and parts from one company to the next are not interchangeable.
I wish there was a happy ending to this post, but regretfully I have not found one yet.