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Rocket Science

Posted by Shutter Medic on 1/31/2011
A wise man once told me that anything is easy as long as you know how to do it.
Now this is not supposed to be a class on sueth saying. But I can tell you this, if your shutters are damaged or broken, they can be fixed in most cases. And to top it off, with our Shutter Medic ® kits and instructions, the job becomes a true do it yourself project that does not require any special skill or tools.
Let's face it, shutter companies make their living selling new shutters. So naturally they have no incentive to tell you that your damaged shutter can be fixed no matter how minor the defect. In reality, most things that can get damaged on a shutter are not only fixable, but they can be fixed by the average homeowner with no special tools or skills.
Another crazy part about all this, is that most people will put up with a damaged shutter for years, only to fix it when they are ready sell their house and move away. Wow, life is way to short to think like that.
So in short, fixing damaged plantation shutters is not rocket science, doesn't cost an arm an a leg, and is fast and easy to do.