Shutter Medic® is often asked this question by homeowners who just do not want to part with their cherished plantation shutters. The answer to this question will be determined on whether or not they will fit in the windows of the home you are moving to. Let's touch on just a couple of the main factors involved.
Window Dimensions:
The first and most obvious factors are length and width of the window opening. Moving your shutter to a window that is shorter and narrower will require fabrication of a frame to mount the shutter outside of the window opening. Moving your shutter to a window that is taller and or wider will require fabrication of a frame or mount strips inside of window casing. It is a rare instance that no modifications are necessary when swapping out shutters.
In both instances described above, differences of more than a few inches in window dimensions will likely result in an aesthetically unpleasant frame.
Depth of Window Casing:
Another factor to be considered is the depth of the window casing. In order for your shutter to function properly there must be enough unobstructed space behind the panel for the louvers to function properly. The amount of space required is dictated by the size of your louvers.
Will the color of your shutters be acceptable? The painting of Plantation Shutters by a qualified professional can cost as much as 30% the price of new shutters.